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Welcome To Colorado Leather Balm.

Nature's original leather conditioner made from tallow and other natural ingredients. Good for Leather, Good for You.™


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Colorado Leather Balm: Good for Leather, Good for You.™


Tired of Mystery Ingredients in Your Leather Conditioners?

Introducing nature’s original leather conditioner made from tallow, lanolin, a bit o’ beeswax, and essential oils. Yep, we are transparent with our ingredients--nothing bad in here for you, or your leather. 


Tallow is Nature's Original Leather Conditioner.

 When you think about it, leather comes from cows (most often) and what is natural to keep a cow's skin soft and supple?  You guessed it, FAT!  When leather is tanned, the natural fats are stripped out, and then later fats are added back in to the leather in a process called "fatliquoring."  Tallow (rendered beef fat that is processed and relatively shelf stable) is one of the fats often used in fatliquoring to re-hydrate and soften the newly tanned leather.  Tallow also happens to be very compatible to human skin on a molecular level, which makes it great for moisturizing YOUR skin, too. 


Our Grandparents Knew a Thing or Two

For centuries, tallow, lanolin and beeswax were some of the primary products used for conditioning and waterproofing leather.  Up until recently, taking good care of leather products could often mean the difference between life and death.  These days, it is still wise to take care of our leather items, which are usually valuable and worth caring for.  I guess our grandparents (and great-grandparents) DID know a thing or two! 

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