Cathy Holcombe

Business Owner, Modern Homesteader, Leather Enthusiast.

Cathy Holcombe was born to start Colorado Leather Balm.  While she was still at the tender age of 4 years old, one of her favorite pastimes was to gather up her parents' leather shoes to clean and condition them. (It was then her parents started to suspect they did not have a normal child on their hands!)  Also born with a lifelong love of horses but raised in the suburbs, as a teen she would clean and condition anyone's saddles she knew that had horses, in exchange for riding time.  Originally from Washington State, Cathy eventually moved out to Colorado after getting married.  In addition to Colorado Leather Balm, Cathy and her husband Brent are partners in another business called Holcombe CVI, a manufacturer of volumetric concrete mixers.   

Cathy currently owns an Andalusian horse, 2 Dutch Belted family dairy cows, 22 chickens, and grows and preserves much of her family's herbs, fruits and vegetables. Cathy and her husband have two young daughters of their own, as well as hosting 2 long term high school international students every year.  She enjoys reading, riding her horse, cooking traditional healthy foods from scratch, running, hunting elk and deer with her husband, persevering through yoga, meeting new people, laughing A LOT, and spending time with friends and family.  Her favorite scent is the rich smell of leather.