Colorado Leather Balm Success Stories


“This is a correctly balanced leather care product! See what replacing the tallow in leather can do for reviving the fibers. Not greasy, PH correct for fine leather. We are stocking it in our store!”

Tiger Adams

•UK certified Master Saddlerer 

•Owner of The Horse in Sport 

Grand Junction, CO


Ok, I just have to tell you...I used Colorado Leather Balm on some Hancock and Moore leather chairs we have...holy cow!!! Looks amazing!  Have used other products but none have made them look as good!  


Evergreen, CO


“Alaska Master Guide tested and approved!! Restored and waterproofed my favorite hunting boots! Thanks Colorado Leather Balm! Helped keep my feet warm and dry in the world's worst conditions while adding life to my boots!”

  • Keegan McCarthy
  • Alaska Master Guide 
  • Owner of Coastal Alaska Adventures


"I love the quality and simplicity of Colorado Leather Balm's ingredients. When I first received my jar of vanilla orange scented Colorado Leather Balm, I put some on my chapped lips. My husband came home shortly after and I kissed him and then just laughed and laughed as I told him the wonderful taste was my new Colorado Leather Balm." 


Bellingham, WA


"Colorado Leather Balm worked beautifully.  It did initially darken each item considerably, but once absorbed left only a rich, lustrous finish."


LaPorte, CO


"My hands feel great and I like the feel of the leather." 


Nunn, CO

More Colorado Leather Balm Success Stories...


 "I love love this product!! It makes my tack and boots so soft! I will never use another conditioner again!" 


Colorado State University


"I've been using Colorado Leather Balm and really like it a lot.  This jacket is from the 1940's or early 50's, because it was my Dad's.  I wore it in the late 80's and it's been put away since. I got it out for my son to wear.  Leather is about the only material that could make that claim! Colorado dry is hard on leather. I used a lot of Colorado Leather Balm's Extra Conditioning Formula on this jacket and it did an amazing job.  It's maybe in better shape now than when I thought I was Tom Cruise in 1988....."


Karval, CO


"Colorado Leather Balm is the best leather conditioner I've used thus far, I have truly been impressed with it."

  • Brian Buckner, Farrier.  
  • Northern Colorado


"Colorado Leather Balm was great, considering the age of some of the pieces we tried it on.  Pictured here is a leather bound book that is over 100 years old.  Amazing!"  


Lacey, WA


"I love my old leather chair again! It felt good knowing the balm going in my bloodstream is not unhealthy and I don't stink after using it!"  


Castle Rock, CO


"It worked amazing, I loved that I didn't have to rub the leather down for days before it was absorbed. I also liked that it didn't leave any streaking." 


Fort Collins, CO