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Colorado Leather Balm (Original Formula)

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Product Description:
Colorado Leather Balm is an all natural, traditionally made leather conditioning balm. In the leather care industry there is no regulation for leather care products to list ingredients, so most leather conditioners do not, instead having warnings on their labels to call poison control if ingested, to keep off of skin, and away from pets and children. (yikes!) In contrast, Colorado Leather Balm proudly lists our all natural ingredients which are both wonderful for use on your leather, but also beneficial for your skin and safe for use around children and animals. Colorado Leather Balm works well to condition and naturally waterproof all of your valuable leather items, including boots and shoes, saddlery and tack, hand bags, belts, holsters, baseball gloves, leather clothing, leather luggage or upholstery. Colorado Leather Balm’s Original Formula comes in two scents: Orange-Vanilla and Citronella. Orange-Vanilla is a pleasant, light smelling scent that is a good fit on any leather item. Our Citronella scented balm is a powerful anti pest and anti fungal, making it a better fit for leather used outdoors, and is Colorado Leather Balm's recommended scent for saddlery and tack. Colorado Leather Balm is not appropriate for use on suede or some nubuck leathers. If in doubt, test it out!

Colorado Sourced Pure Beef Tallow, Lanolin Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oils.

Directions for Use:
Apply Colorado Leather Balm to clean leather using your hands. Start with a small amount and rub into your leather item. The heat from your hand helps get Colorado Leather Balm deeper into the leather fibers and it's also a great moisturizer for YOUR skin. Bonus! Continue with applications until leather is saturated and does not absorb any more balm. For best results, let sit at least 10 minutes or overnight, then take a clean rag, soft bristled brush, or sheepskin and gently rub or buff leather until surface has a deep gleam, is smooth to the touch and no longer tacky. Because CLB absorbs so well, buffing your leather is fast and easy to get that deep luxurious gleam! Before you buff out your leather, you might see some white residue- this is just extra balm on the surface- it will wipe right off. For especially dry leathers, this entire process can be repeated multiple times. Note: This product will likely DARKEN leather, as it deeply nourishes, conditions, waterproofs and protects it. Take special care when conditioning carved or tooled leather or seams- the balm can get stuck down in the carved areas and be difficult to remove later. If you do get balm down in seams or tooling, an old tooth brush works great to get it out, or a short blast with a hair dryer will help melt and drive any excess leather balm into the fibers of your leather. Lastly, a little goes a long ways!

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This is a correctly balanced leather care product!

This is a correctly balanced leather care product! See what replacing the tallow in leather can do for reviving the fibers. Not greasy, PH is correct for fine leather. We are stocking it in our store!

Arnold J Black
So Refreshing

Used to have saddle soap on hand for all my leather needs After using Colorado Leather Balm, I have found a new product to use for my leather holsters and believe me, it does a outstanding job in restoring and water proofing my holsters.

Jody S.
Works great!

I tried this based on the recommendation of quite a few people. I love it so far. The natural ingredients were also one of the main reasons I chose this balm. I had two new leather bags I needed done and this did the job. Plus it smells good too.

H DeAscentis
Easy to apply, safe to

Easy to apply, safe to use. Good for softening leather. Was able to soften and waterproof my all leather hiking boots. Next project will be restoring the leather on an old (but comfortable) all leather chair.

That’s wonderful! We’d love to see pictures of your chair before and after treatment with CLB if you are able to take pictures!

Ellen A.
Fast shipping, great product

I love Colorado Leather Balm and I will buy again and again!

Thank you so much Ellen!